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A Plan for Our Future

Goals Identified to Lead us Through 2020The UConn Health’s strategic refresh process, called UConn Health 2020, represents an important milestone in the transformation of UConn Health. Completed in 2013, it provides an unambiguous, unified statement—developed from the input of faculty and staff—of what UConn Health wants to be and how we plan to get there.

An Inclusive Process

Image of icon chartThe development of UConn Health 2020 followed a unique path. Instead of a traditional review of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which often leads to incremental change and improvement, our approach employed crowd-sourcing—a technique that used good ideas generated from more than 1,200 diverse participants to shape concepts whose merits were then compared and contrasted.

This method acknowledged that our academic community possesses great learners, great teachers, great thinkers and talented supporters who play a meaningful role in developing, supporting and accomplishing our strategic goals and objectives.

Through both virtual (online) and live (in-person) sessions, participants contributed, critiqued and voted on the goals and objectives for the UConn Health. Leaders from across UConn Health were then assigned to the prioritized goals to refine the objectives and develop specific tactics for the next 36 months. Staff and junior faculty were also engaged to review progress along the way through online surveys and discussion groups.

Figure 1. Translating Strategy into Action

Figure 1: Translating Strategy into Action

Through UConn Health 2020, we have defined an overall strategy for UConn Health: to be a regionally and nationally prominent academic medical center in a few well-chosen areas of distinction, to be a respected and caring provider of patient-centered primary and tertiary care, and to provide prevention and public health services leading to health beyond health care.

Pursuing this overall strategy will require us to harness our strengths across the entire UConn community. Success of the overall strategy relies on meaningful Goals (timeless aspirations); Objectives that are specific, measureable and resourced; and Tactics that clearly outline the steps to take with associated accountabilities and timelines. The goals, objectives and tactics transform this planning exercise into aligned efforts that will direct and accelerate change across UConn Health. Not all tactics will be implemented simultaneously due to resource limitations.

Our Goals

The six overarching goals articulated by the UConn Health community are to:

  • Innovate and discover
  • Prepare graduates for lifelong success
  • Deliver world-class health care
  • Enhance wellness and health equity
  • Become a "best place to work"
  • Ensure financial health and strength

Over the next several years there will be changes in the external health care environment, as well as internal changes as we adopt elements of the plan. We will be continually evaluating our progress and listening to our faculty, staff, students, patients, friends, and critics as we move forward. To be strategic, our plan must be dynamic.

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