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Goals and Objectives Identified to Lead Us Through 2020

In the first phase of the strategic refresh, the UConn Health community identified six strong goals to guide us through 2020. As the refresh continues, we will refine the tactics and timelines that will make your vision a reality:

Goal: Become a World Renowned Destination for Discovery and Innovation

  • Build a presence in genomics, biomedical engineering, drug development and basic and clinical imaging
  • Develop a scientific vision around two or three interdisciplinary, basic science themes that connect with targeted areas in genomics, biomedical engineering and drug development
  • Build an infrastructure for informatics and statistics
  • Increase collaborative scientific interaction with Storrs faculty
  • Increase intellectual property licensing revenue

Goal: Prepare Graduates for Lifelong Success

  • Create and implement a modern, cost-effective educational platform and build opportunities for inter-professional education for medical and dental students
  • Create a modern, innovative graduate program that prepares Ph.D. students for jobs
  • Increase portfolio of K and T awards
  • Transition UConn Health sponsored CME/CPE programs for physicians, dentists and other health care providers to a self-sufficient business model
  • Work with Storrs faculty to streamline pathways for students at the high school and college level to pursue biomedical careers

Goal: Enhance Health Care for the Citizens of Connecticut and Beyond

  • Create a primary care network for coordinated inter-professional care teams capable of accepting risk contracts for 5,000 lives
  • Create appropriate mix of tertiary/quaternary service
  • Improve quality outcomes
  • Improve access to all services

Goal: Enhance Population Health and Population Health Equity

  • Develop prevention programs in high risk populations
  • Develop Health Equity Institute
  • Partner with state agencies to reduce Medicaid costs
  • Be in the business of enhancing population health and health equity to be the leader in the state and beyond

Goal: Create an Environment Judged by Faculty and Staff as “The Best Place to Work”

  • Implement recognition