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How to Participate

It’s EASY!

  • Imagine!
  • It’s 2020 and you are describing the UConn Health Center to a neighbor, to an applicant, or your mother.
  • We’ve created several perspectives as a convenient way to capture your description of the UConn Health in 2020. The final categories may change.
    • Ignore TODAY... transport yourself to 2020. What is important to us? Why?
    • The questions outlined for each “category” are offered to stimulate your thinking. You may have additional questions that others might find helpful.
  • In each perspective, identify the attributes which you would use to describe the UConn Health Center to family, friends, co-workers, community members, potential students, etc.
    • Use the following link: http://uconnhealth2020.ideascale.com.
      • If it is your first time visiting the site, please register.
      • Your registration will be anonymous so please do not be concerned that you are entering any personal information.
      • The password that you set for the UConn Health 2020 site is NOT associated with your UConn Health Center username and password.
    • Select a perspective from the left column.

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  • View all of the attributes that are already listed (The number in parenthesis after the attribute is the number of people that agree with the attribute or comment beyond those that have participated electronically)

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  • Provide input and feedback.
    • Cast your vote if you agree with the attribute.

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    • If you do not agree with any particular attribute, please add a new attribute that is contrary and see if others agree with your perspective.

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    • Add new attributes

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    • Please review all of the existing attributes to avoid duplication.
    • Add comment on existing attributes

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  • Return to the electronic environment as often as you can.
    • Vote on new or updated attributes.
    • Add new attributes.
    • Comment on existing attributes.
  • Be sure to review all 10 categories.